Gaep Engraver

Engraver in cemented and tempered steel for the stellar closure (at 4 – 5 – 6 – 8 phasing).

Available in all gauges.

Crimp Finishers

STP Cemented steel coil for stellar closure plastic casing

OTC Cemented steel coil for sealing round rim for cardboard casings.

STC Steel coil cemented for stellar closure cardboard casings.

OTP Cemented steel coil for round rim closure for plastic casing.

BOP Coil in cemented steel for ball cartridges with round rim closure.

BN1/BN2/BN3/BN4 cemented steel coil for stellar closure.


Tradition of typically Italian excellence in the shotgun sports: guns, tube-shells, domestic hand reloading, international shooting contests. A mechanic engineers combining his high professional skills and passion for hunting, to meet the exacting requirements of shotshells loading, designed and built these articles as crimp steel round edge and steel star crimping device synthesis of the application of new concepts and ingenuity. The use of modern machine tools and skilled personnel guarantee a constant and high reliability of construction and performance.

A Steel Roll Crimp – Professional Spool, of it of different types and costs exist. Our personal opinion is that to purchase a Professional Roll Crimp in steel and not in bronze or brass, because this last ones they are produced for “Press-fusion” and not through workmanships and therefore they clearly have an “inferior precision”. The difference of cost is notable, but believe us a Professional Roll Crimp in steel it will allow you, to realize a splendid straight better, than that see on the original cartridges of the best world producers, and the same Professional Roll Crimp in steel, it will last so many of that years, that you will forget you of when you have purchased her.
A Professional Steel Star Crimp, the same is worth identical discourse done for the Professional Roll Crimp in steel, of it of so many types, but the best they exist for quality and operation, they are those in Steel, gotten for workmanship and not for fusion. It serves for making the folds to the tube-shells before the following rimming, getting so the stellar closing. It doesn’t adapted for round edge closure.
The difference between our Italian Professional Roll Crimp in steel and those Americans is in the fact, that the American Reloaders/Presses makes the closing of the “Pressure” cartridge, while with our Italian Professional Roll Crimp in steel, the closing of the cartridges is made with the “Rotation” of the Roll Crimp in steel.

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