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    The flattener

    The flattener is a fundamental tool to stabilize the plastic

    of the shell before the passage of the hem, this operation

    serves to ensure that the hem does not undergo changes

    in height once the cartridge is finished.


    M6 female mount, available in all calibers.

  • Support for the rotating engraver

    The support for the rotating engraver has been done with CNC machining, with bearing inside to turn free and to search for the folds on the shells already fired.

    Universal with M6 male connection and compatible with all types of engravers, it can be mounted directly on GAEP machines, or directly on a column drill.

  • Rotating Star Crimper

    Rotating engraver in tempered cemented steel, by means of an integrated system it allows to turn freely resuming with the “search folds” the folds of the recovery casings and stops at the point where the previous stellar had been made.

    Available from Cal. 10 to Cal. 36/410

  • Steel Punch Die (FUSTELLA)

    Steel tool made with C.N.C., cemented and tempered machines, hand-cut and sharpening, with M 6 thread for drill attachment or any manual press, to be used for cutting cardboard and cork discs, complete with steel screw for Attachment and base for cutting.

    Available in gauges 10/12/16/20/24/28/32/36/410

  • Wad Trimmer

    The Borre trim made of aluminum is designed to perform a precise trimming cut for the pipe edging of any model and brand, via a register screw for the desired heights.

    Available in gauges 10/12/16/20/24/28/32/36/410

  • Wad Slitter

    Tool to be used to draw 3/4/5 petals on a borre sheath tube type LB6 and any type of Borre and can be mounted on the entire range of our GAEP machines and drilling machine on column drill.

    Available in gauges 8 -10-12-16-20-24-28-32-36/410

    Max Cutting Depth 55mm

  • Gaep Engraver

    Engraver in cemented and tempered steel for the stellar closure (at 4 – 5 – 6 – 8 phasing).

    Available in all gauges.

  • Case Trimmer

    The shell casings trim has a steel structure with a two-way blade and protective dial is provided complete for 4 calibers of your choice (10/12/16/20/24/28/32/36).

    It can be used manually, or mounted on a drill with the appropriate screw provided or hempress in place of the hem, thus precisely adjusting the height of the casing.


    Steel coator made with CNC precision machinery.

    To be used after the phase of stellar engraving (engraving-coking-lowering-hemming).

    Socket M6 female, available with threaded screw for manual or column drill attachment.

    Available in gauges 10/12/16/20/24/28/32/36/410


    Low-profile coil made of steel with controlled machining
    Numeric in one piece, indispensable to be used after the crimping phase at 4/6/8 Pliche.
    Available in 10/12/16/20/24/28/32/36/410 gauges.

  • Universal Arbor

    Support in threaded M6 steel with inlay (spool), executed in one piece with CNC machines, universal and compatible with any type of steel or brass coil.

    The screw can be inserted in any manual or column drill, thus obtaining in the closing phase of the cartridge a perfect rotation in the axis of the coil itself.

  • Spreading Tool

    Steel spreading machine with CNC machines with external burnishing, to be used to enlarge the mouth of the fired casing and facilitates the insertion of the wad into the casing. It can be used in any manual or column drill, by means of a special steel screw supplied, made with M6 female thread and can be applied to any type of manual ortho-Machine.

    Universal for the following caliper 10/12/16/20/24/28/32/36/410

  • Universal Skiver

    Made with numerical control machines in cemented steel and tempered with three cutting blades, universal and suitable for all calipers from Cal. 10 to Cal. 36/410 and can be applied to a column drill or manual screwdriver by means of a special steel screw in Supplied, made with M6 female thread and can be applied to any type of manual machine.

  • Steel Collar for Crimpers

    This is an steel guide bushing, which is applied to the wheel reel and fastened with a lateral threaded grain.

    Facilitates and guides the insertion of the casing in the hemming phase, respecting the vertical position.

  • Steel Counter coil

    Steel Counter-coil with universal external burnishing with rings inside suitable for Cal. 12 at Cal. 36/410 with M6 thread and complete with support and locking nut.

    It is used for the placement of the casing in the phase of stellar engraving

  • Crimp Finishers

    STP Cemented steel coil for stellar closure plastic casing

    OTC Cemented steel coil for sealing round rim for cardboard casings.

    STC Steel coil cemented for stellar closure cardboard casings.

    OTP Cemented steel coil for round rim closure for plastic casing.

    BOP Coil in cemented steel for ball cartridges with round rim closure.

    BN1/BN2/BN3/BN4 cemented steel coil for stellar closure.

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